About Restricted Cards

In Union Arena, a deck may have up to 4 cards of the same card number. However, in official and sanctioned tournaments, there will be some cards that will be considered [Restricted Cards]. [Restricted Cards] are cards that a deck can only have 1 copy of.

  • *Cards with the same card number but with different illustrations are also considered the same cards.
Card Number

Selection and Announcement, and Enforcement.

  • ・We will closely monitor the win-rates, tournament results, and usage of certain decks to consider enforcing restrictions if certain decks deviate from our game’s objective.
  • ・Please note that depending on the environment of the game, the status of [Restricted Cards] may change.
  • ・We will continue to announce considerations for these restrictions through official broadcasts after major events and tournaments, Producer’s Letters, and the official Twitter. When this page is updated, there will be a post on the official Twitter as well.
  • ・We plan to review the restricted card list once every 6 months and will only lift restrictions on cards if we do not observe a significant bias in the outcome of the events.

Enforced Restricted Cards

Effective Enforcement Date: 1 September 2023

UNION ARENA Code Geass Lelouch Lamperouge

CGH-1-083 Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Card

When combined with [UA01BT/CGH-1-074 Suzaku Kururugi], you can attack twice with a character that [Cannot be blocked by characters with BP4000 or more], and this card itself can be activated every turn in the Energy Line, giving it an advantage over most decks.
In order to not deviate from UNION ARENA’s highest priority of enjoying all varieties of decks and titles, decks containing this card have a higher usage rate and win rate than the expected amount. Therefore, a restriction will be enforced on this card.